About OMs

Are you putting together your 'wish list of equipment' for your new state of the art reef tank? Then stop and think for a second. What's one of the key elements that make a natural reef teem with life? It's water flow. Water flow that changes with each wave, with each tide, with each moon cycle… to increase dissolved oxygen, deliver nutrients, clear away detritus, promote gas exchange. Do you really think your tank will get that essential flow from a 'stuck on the side' wave maker? A blade whirling around? Another electrical wire hanging? Is that really the best way to go?

OceansMotions water flow diverters are a class apart from the competition. When it comes to ocean-like wave simulation, we show the way with industry-leading products.

Experts agree that flow is critical - but the right kind of flow... The chaotic flow that every natural reef experiences. That's why they choose OceansMotions Flow Diverter. These bullet proof devices use the known flow from your return or closed loop pump. Not some computed number that has little relationship to the true flow rates being delivered to the tank. Not only that, each Oceans motions device automatically changes that flow into 4 or 6 separate streams that are constantly changing direction - just like the natural flow designed by Mother Nature.

Why You Need OceansMotions

  • They help fish and Coral stay healthy - In their natural habitat, fish are used to water in motion, whether from waves, currents, or other phenomena. Having a simulation of this environment within your aquarium will contribute to the fish’s physical (they can choose to swim with or against the waves) and psychological (they feel at home) well being.
  • They circulate water around - “Dead spots,” places where the water doesn’t move are not good for the health of your aquarium. An OM's helps to prevent these by circulating the water around constantly, ensuring every part of your aquarium has access to freshly oxygenated water.
  • They prevent accumulation of detritus - Between maintenance intervals, you’ll notice that loose particulate from food, fish waste, and other sources will begin to accumulate in certain spots in your aquarium, leaving you with unsightly results. The constant motion created by OM's helps to prevent these accumulations, leaving your aquarium cleaner looking until the next service appointment.
  • They help coral and other living decor thrive - Coral and many invertebrates can’t move – in their natural habitats, they depend on the movement of water to supply them with necessary nutrients. In your aquarium, similar water movements are required for the thriving of these animals and plants. The OM’s action brings the valuable nutrients to the coral and other living decor in your aquarium.

What Makes OceansMotions Flow Diverters Unique

These engineered devices have few moving parts, require virtually no maintenance and have decades of proven reliability. Here's how they work:

Your return or closed loop pump's water is plumbed to the OM drum, which is totally enclosed in a non-corrosive housing. The drum is driven by an external magna-drive motor which rotates the drum, opening and closing the 4 ports that send the flow to your tank. Every 15 seconds the flow direction changes - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Every 15 or 30 seconds, depending on the drum design you choose, your flow of return or closed loop pump water is redirected to your tank from a different angle, a different direction and in differing strengths - replicating natures erratic flow patterns.

No matter whether you plan a 75 gallon or 1750 gallon tank, OceansMotions Flow Diverters can handle your tank's flow needs and then some. Just click here to read the opinions of experts - folks who have had these devices in service for decades and swear by them for totally chaotic flow delivered consistently, precisely and reliably.